Northern Rights CV-writing advice helps Michael into hotel job

Participant: Michael Bell

Michael Bell, 36, from Fellgate, came to us after being referred to us from the Job Centre.

As a bi-polar sufferer, Michael was very low on confidence but was desperate to move back into employment, into a job that was right for him.

Michael said: “I have always been in and out of work because of my condition and I think in the past the support I’ve had hasn’t been right for me. I haven’t felt like it was a level playing field if that makes sense.

“I knew I could get a job but what I wanted was a role that was right for me, for my skill set and my condition.

“When I came to see Northern Rights, it was clear they got me, they understood where I was coming from and really listened to what I had to say.

“I was very low on confidence and needed help to build myself back up. That was what they did for me. I worked with Adam initially, who sat down with me and spoke to me as an individual. I really appreciated that as I didn’t feel like that had happened previously.

“I had been applying for jobs and not getting anywhere and I didn’t understand why, which was making me feel very disheartened.

“Adam was very patient and supportive and explained that my CV wasn’t really selling me to potential employers, so we updated and improved it and he helped me write a covering letter which could be adapted for whatever role I was applying for.

“His help was invaluable to me and I cannot emphasise enough, if you are struggling to find employment, come and see the team at Northern Rights. They are brilliant.”

Michael is now working at the Clarion Hotel in Boldon with the conferencing and food team.