Northern Rights helps Shaun into work after parents pass away

Participant: Shaun Watson

Shaun Watson, 50, came to Northern Rights last year to get some additional support to move into employment.

Having previously been a full time carer for his parents, looking after his mum for 12 years and his dad for two years before they both sadly passed away, Shaun was keen to work with us to build his skills.

Shaun said: “I starting claiming Universal Credit when I was no longer a full time carer and they put me in touch with the team at Northern Rights.

“Honestly, right from the start they were brilliant and so supportive.

“I didn’t know how to use the internet, I wasn’t good with computers and my CV needed a lot of work, so without them I know I would have really struggled to find work. I was also short of self-confidence.

“But with Northern Rights, after day one they had me a job interview and within three days I had a job. I have never looked back.”

Shaun works for cleaning company Churchill, which is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Metro trains and stations.

Shaun added: “Being a full time carer to my parents was my job, so moving into my current role wasn’t a shock. It wasn’t like I’d never worked. But working with people was a change and something I am really enjoying. I also love the job. I really do owe so much to Northern Rights for all the help they’ve given me to help me into a work.”