What We Can Do For You


Northern Rights offers participants a variety of support services, all of which are designed to get individuals ready for the world of work and into sustainable employment.

Whatever your own personal challenges, we can help you.

Whether you have found it hard to find work because of social, physical, mental health concerns or learning difficulties, or because you’re lacking English, Maths or IT skills, or simply as you are struggling with your confidence levels, our advisers can work with you to identify the best course of action.

Initial interviews are conducted by a suitably qualified Personal Development Adviser and in a private interview room. Experience has shown that this is key to engagement – people require a confidential setting in which to discuss their health history and their health and social barriers to work.

We recognise that every individual has different starting points and requires different levels of support.



Upon referral to Northern Rights you will be assigned a dedicated Personal Development Adviser who will conduct a one-to-one interview to learn more about your specific circumstances and gain a better understanding of the barriers you may face. This will be supported by the creation of an action plan outlining some agreed aims and objectives that will be regularly reviewed and agreed.

Pre-employment training and support

We offer a menu of award-winning courses which participants can access depending on their individual needs.

These include:

  • Confidence for work
  • Digital confidence
  • Support to develop easily-adaptable CVs and covering letters to suit each job role
  • Qualifications in Maths, English and IT

Employment support

Our experienced team have excellent relationships with local employers which means we are always aware of the vacancies and recruitment processes implemented by the individual companies.

This knowledge means we are able to adapt our training and support to ensure our participants are in the strongest possible position to successfully apply and gain employment.

Part of this tailored approach involves our advisers conducting mock interviews which help fully prepare the participants and give them the confidence to be able to meet with the employer.

In-work support

Once our participants have secured employment , our support does not end there.

We will continue to offer out of hours business mentoring support and will contact the participant as frequently as the person requests, as a minimum for a month after they’ve started in their role.

This gives them peace of mind that they aren’t on their own and should they need additional support or have any issues or concerns that they want to discuss, we are here for them.


Amy Butler, Employment Consultant